Stoves, Ovens, Cookers and Fryers

Ovens, Stoves,Roasters, Toasters, Smokers, Grills, Heating Displays and many more..

Cook & Chill


Quick Cooling Freezers, Boiler Steams, Banquet Systems, Direct Steam and Converters etc

Dishwashers, Glass washers, Pot washers, Table cutlery polishers and many more..


Washing Machines, Spin Dryers, Tumble Dryers, Drier Irons, Irons and Ironing Boards etc


Deep Freezers,Fridges, Ice makers, Storage Cabinets, Cold Displays and many more..


Cream whippers, Sauce Cookers, Preservatives, Pasteurization Makers, Accessories etc

Fermentation Cabinets, Pastry Line Ovens, Kneading Machines, Strip Mills etc

Pizza and Pasta

Pizza Machines, Pasta Machines, Cheese Shredders, Wood Burning Ovens etc

Self Service - Buffet

Gourmet line, Buffets Islands, Salad Bars, Hot Display Cases, Refrigerated Unit Displays etc

Trolleys - GN Containers

Transport Trolleys, Self-service Trolleys, Plate Trolleys, Accessories and many more..

Hospitality - Cleaning

Wax Machines, Hand Dryers, Trestles, Cleaning Stations, Chafing Dishes and many more..

Coffee Bar - Tea Room

Espresso Coffee Machines, Coffee Grinders, Filter Coffee Machines and many more..

Slicing Machines, Cutters, Shredders, Meat Mixers, Potato Peelers, Mussels Washers etc

Stainless Steel Furniture - Hygiene

Tables, Chef tables, Cupboards, Sinks, Storage Shelves and many more..

Extraction - Ventilation

Wall Hoods, Central Hoods, Light Devices, Filtrating Extractors and many more..

Pastry - Bakery

Dynamic Preparation